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Mentoring is key to engagement and development but today, mentoring fizzles out fast.

Mentoring is broken in most organizations. Together, let’s change that.

We believe in giving busy mentors actionable tools to make bigger impact in less time.

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What is it?

It's a platform created by mentors for mentors - empowering busy leaders to mentor anytime, anywhere with certified impact.

Each time you use the platform, you are one step closer to becoming a globally Certified Mentor.

Who is it for?

Busy corporate professionals at any stage in their leadership journey.

Whether you're having a career conversation with a direct report or leading a group mentorship circle, we offer you diverse tools to make your meetings interactive and results oriented.

How do I join?

You can join the global Mentorship Moment community with a Leader, Team or Organization membership. There are certification tracks for each level of membership.

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"I feel more empowered as a mentor. Mentorship Moment includes useful articles experienced mentors can use as discussion points and some new and interesting options to explore with your mentee. I would recommend the mentorship moment platform."

Shelley W.
Director at Intel

"Mentorship Moment is the resource platform for managers to save time and increase effectiveness. Mentorship Moment has great resources on how to deliver effective feedback, and it has helped me in other areas of work as well. It's a value-added next step after live management training."

Wayne Irwin
Director at Global Technology Firm

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