What is Mentorship Moment?

Our CEO, Tania DeSa, shares what the platform is and what's in it for you.

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Who We Are

We are your mentorship partner.

We are mentors. We are mentees. We are global citizens who believe in growing the next generation of leaders and we believe mentoring is the KEY. Mentoring has the power to strengthen relationships, grow new leaders and be the catalyst for powerful knowledge transfer.

Mentorship Moment gives you actionable step-by-step tools to become a more effective mentor, knowledgeable leader, and to help you strengthen and champion your mentoring relationship.

What We Do

Giving leaders the tools to inspire diverse top talent so they feel more engaged and get promoted.

Our platform saves you time and increases the quality of your conversations. Gain proven methods on how to set up, structure, and progress your mentoring relationship with our easy-to-access coaching guides, masterclasses, and our global mentorship certification.  

Become a more effective people leader and manager with Mentorship Moment!


With our vast library of resources and tools, we partner with your organization to develop the capabilities of your mentors and managers.

Working in partnership with your organization, we help to develop the capability of your leaders at all levels — ensuring they have the right tools and resources to help them develop key talent in your organization.

Whether you have an established mentorship program or looking to start one, Mentorship Moments partners with you to empower your leaders.

Explore Our Platform

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