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Now you can measure the impact of mentoring.

users agree that Mentorship Moment is helping them become a more effective people leader and advisor

of users agree that Mentorship Moment helps build personal leadership equity

users would recommend Mentorship Moment to a colleague at work

felt more empowered as a mentor with the Mentorship Moment resources

are now able to clearly define objectives and goals for mentorship meetings/relationships

agree they can finally measure the progress of their mentoring relationships

Who is it for?


Are you a manager, looking for ways to have more effective career conversations with your direct reports?

Are you a mentor, seeking structure and practical tools to sustain your mentoring relationship over time?

Are you leading group mentoring circles, looking for interactive exercises and new topics to keep the group engaged?

Are you a leader already investing in mentoring, wondering how to measure progress and leverage mentoring as part of your own career journey?

Are you an HR leader, wondering how to scale and sustain mentoring efforts in your organization?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then Mentorship Moment is for you!

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What people are saying about Mentorship Moment 

CHALLENGE:   A Senior Director at a $70B global technology company in the USA was establishing a new mentoring relationship. The mentee and mentor did not have a formal goal setting process and lacked structure in their new mentoring relationship.

ACTION:   In the middle of their first mentor/mentee meeting, the mentor logged onto Together, they applied the platform’s multitude of resources to guide their discussion. It was a meaningful meeting. The mentor and mentee left having set relationship goals and objective metrics to measure success.

RESULT:   Having access to our virtual platform with quick, easy-to-use mentoring tools saved prep time, provided clarity, and helped with measuring progress over time. Ultimately, the mentor found that improved her effectiveness by 25% in just 3 months.

Rebecca, Program Management Director

“The Mentorship Moment platform walks you through the steps to build a strong foundation with your mentee, allowing you to state clear goals and align on measurements of success together. The process empowered me. I now have the tools to measure my progress and growth."

Wayne, Director - Internet of Things (IoT) Group

“ My personal mantra is based in clarity, focus and execution; Mentorship Moment aligns with that perfectly. I like how resources are focused, ensuring both the mentor and the mentee understand the value of the relationship and their commitments. ”

Shelley, Partner Engagement Director

“Mentorship Moment provides extremely helpful and informative resources for you to use with your mentee. I feel more empowered as a mentor. It is a great resource for all mentors. I rate it 10/10!”

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