Platform Features

A diverse range of topics and coaching tools to make your meetings interactive and results oriented.


Our library of resources prepares you for that next mentoring touchpoint.

Coaching Guides

With our coaching guides, you’re supported throughout your next mentoring touchpoints, allowing you to be a more effective mentor. We offer 15, 30, and 60-minute guides that you can access from our platform anytime, anywhere.



Our masterclasses feature content from the best mentors around the world to make your meeting more interactive and results-oriented. All Masterclasses are recorded and available on the platform for you to re-watch again and again.

Globally Certified Mentorship Certification

Being a mentor is an important part of your career journey. We offer you a way to translate mentoring time and effort into real leadership equity with our certification process. 

Each time you use the platform, you are one step closer to becoming a globally Certified Mentor.


Ready to become a globally Certified Mentor?

Leaders from around the globe are getting certified in just 10 steps. Start today by downloading our complimentary 15-minute guide on "Being the Ideal Mentor" and complete Step 1 of the Certification process:

  • Discover career benefits to being a Certified Mentor
  • Identify personal objectives and exclusive how-to guide
  • Create a Mentorship Mission Statement
  • Explore our certification steps
  • Be one step closer to becoming globally Certified


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